7 Common Kawasaki FR691V Problems | Easy Solutions

You might face the difficulties of running your Kawasaki FR691V. That’s why we came up with the top 7 common issues – Overheating Engine Problem, Cracking Noise Problem, Dirty Carburetor, Black Smoke, Sudden Engine Stop, Fuel Consumption, and Damaged Fuel Pump. We will show you the best solution accordingly.

You will get some easy ways to sort out all the problems yourself without spending time and budget on labor costs. Besides, we will talk about some tips that will keep the Kawasaki engine healthy and last for years.

Top 7 Problems of Kawasaki FR691V

The Kawasaki engine has many problems if you use it for a long time. It’s not a concerning engine fact. You will have engine problems, fuel pump problems, and other related issues that you can solve with some particular suggestions and tips.

1. Overheating Engine Problem

When using the Kawasaki FR691v, you will get frequent overheating engine problems. It will be acute if you have an old engine and can’t repair or clean it for a long time.

If your engine gets low fuel pressure or fails to get the coolant fuel, it will overheat quickly. By following some simple tips, you can solve the problem.


Check the Engine & find out the reason: To solve the overheating engine problem, you need to clean the entire engine parts and find out the coolant system.

Repair the Coolant System: You might find issues associated with the coolant system. If the engine’s coolant system fails to supply the cool fluid, your engine will overheat itself. So, you need to repair or replace the coolant pump or water pump and solve the problem.

Tips: Try to clean the coolant system once a month to avoid the engine overheating issue.

2. Cracking Noise Problem

Cracking noise is another concern for the Kawasaki FR691V users whenever the engine is damaged or affected through external or internal damage. If the engine fan is damaged or broken, it will create a cracking noise. What would be the solution then?


Check The Engine Fan: If you get a cracking noise, you should check the engine fan and look for the damage. Maybe it is broken or gets through any damaged engine part. You need to clean the fan and repair it if needed.

Low Fuel Pressure: Sometimes, the low fuel pressure will also create cracking noise. It’s not like the direct cracking noise, but the engine will be harsh and create a disturbing sound. You can check the fuel pump and solve the problem instantly since low fuel pressure comes from the fuel tank.

Tips: If you have an old car and an aged fan, it will be better to change the fan and install a new one.

3. Dirty Carburetor

A dirty carburetor refers to the dirt inside the fuel bowl. It will lead to the over-flooded engine, damaging the engine. If you continue running the over-flooded engine for a couple of weeks, the engine will slowly damage and lose efficiency.

Moreover, the dirty carburetor will also create other issues, including the open needle valve. Mainly, the needle valve needs to be closed to ensure the correct fuel flow. When the carburetor is dirty, it will hinder the valve from closing.


Clear the carburetor: It should be a regular task to clean the carburetor and check the needle valve if it is closed or open. It must remain closed and help reduce the overflow of the fuel.

Tips: By cleaning the carburetor once a week, you can enlarge its lifespan.

4. Black Smoke

Do you get black smoke on your Kawasaki FR691v? It’s because of the gasoline and air. When the gas and air ratio goes too high, you start to see black smoke from your mower engine. Maybe the oil gets through the cylinder, and the engine is trying to use that.

If you find such issues, you must take action; otherwise, the engine will be damaged. You can’t even expect to run it for a year.


Repair the fuel pipe or tank: You should check the fuel pump and pipe together. Try to find out the damaged part. It might take time to find out the real cause of black smoke. Once you’re sure about the defective part, solve it or repair it soon.

Tips: If you find a damaged fuel pipe, don’t repair it, install the new one.

5. Sudden Engine Stop

Another significant problem of the Kawasaki FR691V is sudden engine stops. Various reasons why the engine suddenly stops are there. But the culprit is the carburetor. If the carburetor is clogged, it will not pass any oil to the engine. The engine will suddenly stop after a while.


Unclog the carburetor: You have to unclog the carburetor by cleaning or replacing the pipe. It will clear the gasoline pipe, and the fuel will flow. That’s how you can sort out the problem.

Tips: It’s better to check the carburetor and the engine along the way, and sort the problems.

6. Fuel Consumption

Some Kawasaki engines will consume more fuel due to the poor engine quality and poor quality fuel. These two factors will cause the over-consumption of fuel. It will increase the cost too. Though it is not a concerning engine, you should sort out the problem very soon. How? We will talk about them in the next section.


Check the fuel quality: You should check your fuel quality since it causes the engine to consume more fuel. If you find any poor fuel, you should change it.

Check The Engine: What if you have quality fuel, still the engine consumes more fuel? Your engine might be faulty. Try to figure it out and solve the issues too.

Tips: If you clean the fuel tank and change the old gasoline, the fuel consumption will be reduced.

7. Damaged Fuel Pump

Did you check the fuel pump? You should check it regularly to avoid some unavoidable issues. Sometimes the damaged fuel pump causes some troubles to the Kawasaki mower. Mainly, the damaged fuel pump will overheat the engine. Also, it will reduce the engine performance.


Repair/Replace The Pump: When you find a damaged or faulty fuel pump, you should repair it or replace it. It will be better to replace the fuel pump since the damaged fuel pump will hamper the entire engine.

Tips: Fuel pump should be cleaned once a month; so that you can increase it’s lifespan.

Closing Words

Do you read the entire write-up? If so, you know the Kawasaki FR691V problems and solutions. We talk about the top seven problems and show you the solution accordingly.

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