How to Glue Lawn Mower Seat Back on | 7 Easy Steps

Removing the lawn mower seat, applying vinyl glue, and then reinstalling the repaired seat will be the ultimate answer to how to glue lawn mower seat back on. That way, you can follow the super easy 7 DIY steps to glue your lawnmower seat professionally.

Today, I’ll explain all the 7-steps and show you how you can glue your lawn mower seat back on in order to get a stable & comfortable seating position. If your seat is damaged or poorly torn, you will still get the best solution from here.

7 DIY Steps to Glue Lawn Mower Seat Back On

I’ve followed these 7 DIY steps since I started gardening and using the lawnmower. Still, these steps help me to get back my lawn mower seat like before, and I follow them for different lawn mowers. They never disappoint me.

However, you can follow the other three methods to repair the cracked lawn mower seat. Give it a read.

For now, let’s start gluing your lawn mower seat.

Check Your Lawn Mower Engine Specs & Seat Condition

Every lawn mower engine and seat position is unique. You should check the engine specs and find the joint. Besides, the seat condition must be considered before removing or applying high-quality glue.

Sometimes, the seat might be damaged poorly that you can’t even think of repairing it. For such a poor seat, you must go for a new one and change it accordingly. Only the tiny cracked or ripped seat can be repaired.

Get The Required Instruments

You need some essential DIY tools to remove and apply the glue to the back of the seat. Let’s see what tools you need.

Here, the repair kits may include cotton, foam filler, or anything that will fill the damaged cushion of the lawn mower seat. However, the repair kit is optional if the vinyl cover is cracked or damaged. You may apply some glue and reinstall it again.

Remove The Seat

Now, you have the required tools and inspect your lawn mower seat. It’s time to remove the seat by detaching the nuts, because the nuts are responsible for keeping the seat safe on the lawn mower. First, get rid of all the nuts, and then pull off the seat slowly. Before that, you should backward-forward the seat to ease the glue.

However, you have a couple of nuts & bolts that need to be kept safe because you will need them to reinstall the repaired seat. Without the exact nuts & bolts, you can’t reinstall the repaired lawn mower seat.

Detach Vinyl Cover

After removing the lawn mower seat, your next job is to detach the vinyl cover to get access to the cushion. The seat vinyl cover is damaged or cracked and must be replaced with glue. Before that, you need to repair the cushion and fill the gap.

Repair the Cushion

It’s time to repair the cushion that is already damaged. Once you detach the vinyl cover, you will get the damaged cushion.

If you collect all the required tools, you must have a foam filler or cotton filler. Now, you will use them to cover the damaged cushion. You must fill up all the cushion gaps and uneven areas. Otherwise, it will be a bump, and you can’t drive smoothly.

Apply Glue & Attach The Seat

After repairing the damaged cushion, you need to repair the cracked or damaged vinyl cover. In this stage, you may use a new vinyl cover or repair the damaged one accordingly.

Once you have the new/renewed vinyl cover, you may place it under the seat cushion. Then, apply glue on the cover corners.

After that, you can cover the entire cushion with that cover and attach two sides of the cover to that cushion. You cannot make the mistake of joining them with one another. Instead, try to join them evenly on the cushion. 

Reinstall The Lawn Mower Seat

Once you repair the seat cover and the cushion and attach them, it’s time to reinstall the lawn mower seat.

However, reinstalling the lawn mower seat will be similar to removing it. You need to place the seat perfectly. Then, hold it tight & place the bolts & nuts. After that, use the screwdriver and tighten them all. 

Is Gluing Lawn Mower Seat Worth It?

Yes, gluing a lawn mower seat is worth it since it saves the cost of buying a new one. Although some tools and glue are needed to repair the damaged lawn mower seat, it will be cost-effective and save labor costs.

Sometimes, the lawnmower seat might come off the surface without serious damage. On that occasion, you can’t replace the entire lawn mower seat, but apply some glue to back it on.

So, it’s always a good decision to apply some glue on the lawn mower seat and reinstall it safely. Otherwise, it will be difficult to repair any damaged seat.


What’s The Best Glue for a Lawn Mower Seat?

The Vinyl glue is the best for a lawn mower seat since it’s durable and can last very long. However, the quality of the glue depends on the applied surfaces. If your seat cover is plastic, you might use epoxy glue.

What to Do If My Seat Cover is Cracked?

If your seat cover is cracked, you should replace it with a new one. Otherwise, the cracked seat cover might damage the cushion & make the lawnmower driving terrible.

Closing Words

I’ve explained 7 DIY steps and shown you how to glue lawn mower seat back on. I love the DIY tips to get rid of my lawnmower problems and sort them out accordingly.

Remember, you need tools, including a repair kit, to repair the damaged cushion and apply the glue properly. Another caution would be to dry the reinstalled seat for a while to let the glue stick to both surfaces.

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