How to Fix a Cracked Lawn Mower Seat |15 Easy Step

15 super easy steps are there to answer you how to fix a cracked lawn mower seat. From filling the tear or gap to reinstalling the broken seat, you’ll have a clear idea of every step from below. Depending on the type of lawn mower seats, you need some fixing materials, including vinyl glue, foam filler, or a caulk gun.

All those steps are proven & I’ve been following them for years to sort out my cracked lawn mower seat. Hopefully, you can also fix your cracked lawn mower seat after going through these 15 steps.

And I’ll split those 15 steps into three different methods. Let’s get through them and fix your damaged lawn mower seat.

15 Steps to Fix A Cracked Lawn Mower Seat

The lawnmower seat could be cracked, ripped, or damaged poorly. These 15 fixing ways will sort out all the issues regardless of the seat condition.

Fixing Cracked Seat by Stitching

I will give you three methods to fix your cracked or damaged lawn mower seat. The first one is to fix any cracked lawn mower seat by stitching. Let’s see how & why you do that.

Step 1: Place the Mower in an Open Area

Before fixing your cracked lawn mower seat, you must place it in an open area. It will give you more space to work efficiently without making any mistake or damaging it further. The closed-door area will need more light or space to work comfortably.

Step 2: Detach the Mower Seat

Once you place the mower, you can detach the cracked lawn mower seat. Be Careful in removing the nuts & bolts since you will need them to reinstall the repaired seat.

Step 3: Clean It Accordingly

After getting the damaged mower seat, you must clean or wipe off the dust and other dirt. You cannot work with a dirty & damaged mower seat.

Step 4: Stitch Cracked or Ripped Seat

Now, it’s time to stitch the torn area to use. You may need to cut off some parts of the damaged seat in order to get a smooth area for stitching. You may need to refill the ripped area before stitching.

Step 5: Reinstall the Stitched Seat

Once you cover the damaged or ripped area by stitching, you can reinstall the repaired lawn mower seat. Once you place the repaired or stitched seat, you may connect the nuts & bolts accordingly.

Fixing Cracked Seat with Filler

Sometimes, the cracked lawn mower seat cannot be stitched or repaired accordingly. You will need some filler to fill the big hole or make the seat comfortable again. Here, you can use both foam filler and cotton. Let’s get through the entire process.

Step 6: Apply Foam Filler

First, take off the seat of your lawn mower. Then, take a look at the ripped place. It might have a large hole inside the seat cover. Once you got that area, you need to cover it with a foam filler. You can apply

Step 7: Fill the Tear with Cotton If It is Too Large

Sometimes, the foam filler needs to fill the ripped area properly. In that case, the cotton would be enough to fill the gap and turn it into a comfortable one. Never rely on foam filler since cotton will be a good filler.

Step 8: Use Vinyl Glue

Once you fill up the tear with cotton & filler, you must join the cover with vinyl glue. It will attach the detached cover seat & make it a perfect one again. But glue won’t be enough for every time since the tear would be big, and you need to use a repair kit patch.

Step 9: Cover the Tear with A Repair Kit Patch

Once the gap is large and deep, you cannot just use vinyl glue & attach the torn seat cover. You should use a repair kit patch. It is durable and would give you the best repair solutions with the patch.

Step 10: Remove The Leftovers Stitch or Other Torn Area

Once you use the patch or cover that area with vinyl glue, you must leave some leftovers on the repaired seat. Therefore, you need to cut off or remove the extra covered area or the excess sheets.

Step 11: Dry The Repaired Lawn Mower Seat

Once you apply the vinyl glue or cover it with a repair kit patch, you should leave it for a while and let it dry properly. Otherwise, the repaired seat cover will only be sustainable for a short time. You can also leave it under sunlight or over the night.

Step 12: Install the Seat

Once you dry the glue & cover that area, you may install the seat. Before that, the lawn mower seat position needs to be cleaned. Only then you can place the repaired seat there.

Step 13: Attach the Bolts & Nuts

You need to follow the same instructions and attach the bolts & nuts. Do it as you remove them accordingly.

Fixing the Cracked Seat with a New One

After following the above instructions, you might fail to repair the lawn mower seat because the damaged or cracked might be irreparable, and you have no other option but to replace it with a new one. Let’s see how you can do that.

Step 14: Remove the Damaged Seat (After Following Above Steps)

You must start the process by removing the cracked or damaged seat. It might have some deep cracks, and I only have one option other than removing it. You must remove the bolts & nuts first and have them safely.

Step 15: Get a New One & Install It

Now, it’s time to get a new lawn mower seat. You should consider both quality & comfort once you buy a new one. Apart from that, you must consider the perfect size for your lawn mower; otherwise, the improper size would be a serious problem.

Finally, you have removed the old one, and you have a new one. It’s time to install the new one accordingly. Your new lawn mower seat might have instructions to get a perfect installation. You can follow it and place the nuts in the right place.

Tips to Fix Your Cracked Lawn Mower Seat

You have a cracked lawn mower seat, and you know how to fix them with those 15 simple steps in three methods.

Still, you may follow some tips to make a sound decision.

Never repair a poorly cracked lawn mower seat since it will go wrong.

Always keep your seat comfortable, and repair it with any filler. Otherwise, the repair will be uncomfortable for driving the mower.

After filling with foam filler or cotton, you should use a repair kit patch or vinyl glue.

Closing Words

How to fix a cracked lawn mower seat will be fun once you go through the 15 super easy steps. I have given you three different methods and given some simple tips to make it a perfect repair.

However, the best way would be to replace the poorly damaged or cracked mower seat. It will be a perfect solution, and you can rely on it for years. However, other methods are there to repair the lawn mower seat if it has a simple crack.

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