How to Encourage Female Pumpkin Flowers?

Encouraging female pumpkin flowers is challenging since you get more male pumpkins than females. If you look at your pumpkin garden, you might find a ratio of 30:4 or 15:2. That means every two female pumpkins for 15 male pumpkins.

It’s a common and natural ratio; you should not worry about it. What if you don’t have any female pumpkins? You will face difficulties growing the pumpkins. You must take care of them before and after the flower’s growth.

Factors to Encourage Female Pumpkin Flowers

You should be careful about the pumpkin flowers before and after seeding. You need to take precautions and follow some tips to encourage the female pumpkin flowers. Let’s look at the factors you should consider while encouraging the female flower to bloom and grow.

Ensure the Direct Sunlight

The first thing you must do to encourage the female pumpkin flowers is to ensure direct sunlight. The pumpkin flowers need direct sunlight for 6 to 8 hours. The sunlight provides all the nutrients your female pumpkin needs to bloom and grow.

In that case, you should avoid planting the pumpkin flowers in a shadowy area. The Shadow area will damage the growth of the female pumpkin flowers. So, it’s better to avoid the shaded area and plant the pumpkin flowers under direct sunlight.

Water Everyday

Pumpkin Flowers need water every day to ensure the growth of the pumpkin flowers. If you let them dry in the summer season, it’s your must-do job to water the plant every single day. When you don’t water the plant, it will dry out, and the female pumpkin flowers will drop out.

Moreover, you have to be careful to water the plant. Don’t water too much; it might damage the growth. Since you plant the pumpkin flowers in a sunny place, the water must maintain the growth.

Clean Weeds

The pumpkin flowers might have a lot of weeds around the plant. Especially when the flowers are blooming, you must clean and remove all the weeds. Do you know why? Because the weeds hinder the pumpkin’s growth. In Particular, they ruin the female flower blooming.

You can make a routine and follow it. Maybe once in a week would do the task perfectly, and you can remove the weeds from the surrounding. It will help you keep your female pumpkin blooming.

Here, it would help if you were careful while cleaning the weeds. You should never cut off the roots of the pumpkin flowers. Sometimes, you may cut off the weeds and mistakenly remove the root. That’s why you have to be careful while cutting the weeds and grass.


Bees play a vital role in blooming the flowers. You cannot expect to plant flowers and bloom them without the help of the bees. Flowers need to go through the pollination process to grow and bloom. But, some gardeners wrap up their gardens with nets to protect the plant and flowers from insects and threats.

In this case, the bees also face barriers to entering the garden and sitting on the pumpkin flowers. If the bees can’t sit on the flowers, that flowers and the plant won’t grow and bloom. So, it’s crucial to let the bees come to your garden and let the flowers bloom.

Protect from Aphids

What’s the biggest challenge of growing flowers in the garden, especially the female pumpkin flowers? Of course, it’s nothing but the aphids and insects. If you find aphids on the flower trees, you have to get rid of the aphids; otherwise, the aphids will destroy the entire flower plant.

Since female pumpkin flowers are rare, you have to be sure that there is no aphid or damaging insects around your pumpkin flowers.

But the challenging part is to find out the perfect way to get rid of the aphids. You may go for the DIY process or the anti-aphids spray from the local shop. Both are fine and will deter the aphids accordingly.

Why should you encourage the female pumpkin flowers?

You should encourage the female pumpkin flowers to bloom in the garden and get them. If you only have male pumpkin flowers, you can’t expect any more flowers from them, which is unfortunate. Also, the female pumpkin flowers are few.

If you have 30 male pumpkin flowers, you might see only 4 to 5 female pumpkin flowers. Also, it takes more time for female flowers to bloom than males. You have to encourage and take care of the female pumpkin flowers for all these reasons.

Final Verdicts

If you still ask how to encourage the female pumpkin flowers, you must go through this write-up again. We have talked about all the required factors and reasons. Try to follow our five pieces of advice and do accordingly. You will end up having enough female pumpkin flowers.

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