How to Convert a Hand Spreader to a Tow Behind | Tips & Guideline

Converting a hand spreader to a tow behind would be easier if you know these two methods. One is for the carriage, and the other is for the hopper & handles. When you ask how to convert a hand spreader to a tow behind, you’ll get these two methods everywhere.

People mostly go for the second option because they know how to convert a hand spreader to a tow behind. The converting process is easy and simple.

That’s why I’ll explain those methods and show you converting the hand spreader within the shortest possible time. It’ll save time & cost to a great extent.

Best Two Methods to Convert The Hand Spreader 

I will explain the two best methods of converting the hand spreader. Both ways will be effective but in different ways. I prefer the second method to make the best and safest tow behind the spreader.

Method 1: Converting a Hand Spreader with a Carriage

Now we will get through the entire process in some small steps. You need a new carriage to follow this method.

Step 1: Remove the Handle Bar

Your first step is pull-up the handlebar. You can only convert your handle spreader if you change the handle to a tow bar. So, unscrew all the nuts & bolts to remove the handlebar.

Step 2: Replace Spreader’s handle with a Carriage

After removing the handle from your spreader, you must assemble a bare steel carriage. It will be long enough to tow with your lawn mower or tractor. In that case, you will install it replacing the existing handle.

The handle of the spreader needs to be longer to mount to your mower. That’s why you will install the new & long steel carriage.

Step 3: Attach the Carriage with Nuts & Bolts

Once you have the carriage (either make a new one or buy one), you will attach that with a new one. In that case, you need some nuts & bolts to attach that perfectly and install it firmly.

That’s one way to convert your hand spreader to a tow-behind spreader. However, it might cost a little high to purchase everything. Therefore, I’ll give you the 2nd best way for that.

Method 2: Converting Hand Spreader with Hopper & Handles

The hand spreader comes with a plastic hopper & a steel handle. You can turn the handle into a perfect carriage by following some steps to turn it into a tow behind.

Step 1: Remove Bar & Handles

At first, you will remove the bar and spreader handles one after the other. You will have the rusting part that needs to be cut off. Once you pull the bar & handles, you will have the entire handle.

Step 2: Attach Handle Horizontally to the Spreader

Then, you must take the handlebar and attach it horizontally to your spreader. It must be placed horizontally to make it a perfect mount, like the tow behind the spreader.

Step 3: Install Throttle Control Lever & Tow Bar

Finally, you will need two more things to convert the hand spreader to the tow-behind spreader. In this step, you will need a throttle control lever & a tow bar to mount it perfectly.

You can use any of your old tow behind the spreader’s parts. It will save your investment, and you don’t need to cost a single penny.

Step 4: Install Everything and Mount it to your Tractor or lawnmower

Once you get the tow bar & throttle control lever, you need to place them in your handle spreader. Otherwise, you will only get the best tow behind the spreader to work with.

Once you have done everything, you need to mount it to your lawnmower and see if it works like a tow behind the spreader or not.

Tips to Convert The Hand Spreader into The Tow Behind Safely

While you convert the hand spreader to tow behind, you should keep the following tips in mind.

  1. Try to convert the old hand spreader that you don’t use anymore, because the new one must have some necessity.
  2. While removing the handlebar and other accessories, you must wear safety gear. Gloves, glass, and face covering would do it better.
  3. Keep the tow bar & throttle control from any suitable fit spreader. You should buy them separately.
  4. Check out the spreader quality and tow it with your tractor. Maybe your hand behind the spreader had some issues. You will only get them after pulling with your lawn mower & tractor.
  5. Once you convert the spreader, you may face some issues. For that, the converted spreader must be used under control.

Is It Worth Converting My Hand Spreader into The Tow Behind?

It is worth converting a hand spreader to a tow-behind spreader. It will save you effort and a huge investment. However, you must follow the process properly to make it worth it.

Is It Cost High to Buy Tow Bar & Throttle Control Level?

It’s relatively inexpensive to buy a tow bar & throttle control level. You may find them at a reasonable price, or you don’t need to buy them if you have an old tow-behind spreader.

Is Converting A Hand Spreader to a Tow Behind Durable?

The durability of the converted hand spreader will depend on different things. You will need some essential tools and should install the quality parts. It will make it a durable spreader you can use for a long time.

Closing Words

How to convert a hand spreader to tow behind will be a matter of fun following the above guidelines. However, I tried to explain every step carefully and with enough detail. Therefore, you will know how to convert the spreader professionally.

Remember, the tow behind spreader and the hand spreader is different. Therefore, you can only make the exact functional tow behind the spreader with the hand spreader.

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