How to Change Pump Belt on Bad Boy Mower | 5 Easy Step

Changing the pump belt on the Bad Boy mower is a real challenge if you didn’t do it before. Removing all the nuts and other metals from the existing pump belt takes hours. Several metal parts hold the pump belt. Removing them will take time and some tactics too.

This entire processor replacing the pump belt on a Bad Boy Mower would be a mess if you don’t know how to change pump belt on bad boy mower.

Since I have years of experience in replacing pump belts and other V-belts on different mowers, I can give you the 5 easiest steps to change your existing or old pump belt in the shortest time possible.

5 Easy Steps to Change Pump Belt On Bad Boy Mower

If you go through other sites to get the details of changing your Bad Boy Mower pump belt, they will give you 20-25 steps. Even so, you will hardly find any perfect solution to change your mower belt.

But these five steps will give you the best guidelines to change your pump belt quickly and effectively. Let’s start the process.

Step 1: Place & Calm Down Your Bad Boy Mower

At the very first step, you need to check your engine temperature after placing your mower in the right direction. You must have space around your mower to go under the mower to remove the nuts and parts from the existing pump belt. Once you place your mower in the right direction, you should turn off the engine. Wait for a while until the engine is cool and ready to touch.

Step 2: Go Under the Mower

You will now remove all the parts related to your existing pump belt. Since you will replace the existing one with a new pump belt, you need to put those nuts and metals in their respective place.

It’s time to go under the mower and check the pump belt first. You will find some nuts around the pump belt and some other metal parts that firmly hold the belt. You will see that different mower parts are connected to the pump belt.

Step 3: Loosen Parts & Remove Nuts

You find out the relation and get a chain of all those nuts and metal parts. Now, remove the nuts, and loosen the parts. Once you remove the nuts from the pump belt and surroundings, you should come out of your mower to go to the engine.

You will find some nuts that are also connected to your pump belt. You will not find any indication or name over them; therefore, you must check the parts manually to find the parts connected to the pump belt. Remove them safely, and put them aside.

Step 4: Replace The Pump Belt

It’s time to go under again to remove your existing belt finally. In that case, you cannot remove the existing belt barehand. You must have a plier or something that will help you to attach to the belt and pull it down firmly.

Don’t worry; your mower engine or related parts will be safe. You need to pull off the pump belt. It won’t be easy to remove the existing belt since it is firmly attached to your mower engine.

Once you successfully remove your existing pump belt, you may want to attach your new pump belt there. Before that, you should rest and get some energy to work further. Have you finished taking a rest? If so, go under the mower again to place your new pump belt.

Step 5: Re-attach Everything & Check The New One

After installing your new pump belt, you must put all the removed nuts in their respective place and tighten them. You will also find loose engine parts or covers that need to be tightened again. Also, don’t forget to put those engine nuts you released earlier.

These are the five simple & easy steps to replace your existing pump belt. If you follow all the processes, you must successfully change the pump belt on your Bad Boy Mower.

I doubt there will rarely be such steps that will show you the straightforward steps to change your mower belt.

Why Should I Change the Pump Belt?

You should change the pump belt to increase the overall performance of your Bad Boy Mower. Sometimes, the pump belt gets damaged, and they are in poor condition that you cannot repair. In that case, you must replace your pump belt.

Apart from that, you should also change your pump belt for the below reasons.

  1. Replacing your old pump belt
  2. Broken Pump Belt
  3. Dirty & Faulty
  4. To Prevent further engine issues
  5. To get a smooth mower driving experience.

Is Changing the Pump Belt the Same as Changing the Drive Belt?

Changing the pump belt is pretty much the same as changing the drive belt because they serve the same purpose and need to be installed in the same place. If you know how to change the pump belt on Bad Boy Mower, you can change any mower belt without any issues. 

Can I Change the Pump Belt Myself?

Yes, you can change your pump belt yourself if you follow my 5 simple steps. They will guide you to a successful replacement of your existing pump belt. If you don’t have any experience doing this job, you may watch some YouTube videos to watch some real-time work experience.

Closing Words

How to change pump belt on Bad Boy Mower will be a piece of cake if you follow my five simple steps. I give you the shortest possible way to replace the existing pump belt that you can follow even if you don’t have any experience before.

Just be careful about removing & re-attaching the nuts and engine covers. You should remember or use some signs to put them in the right place. Otherwise, you will run into difficulties.  

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