How to Change Fuel Filter on John Deere Tractor?

Changing fuel filters on John Deere tractors is a regular job for gardeners. For, you should know how to change fuel filter on John Deere tractor. You can change the fuel filter by following five simple steps, including removing the filters and installing a new one. In that process, you’ll need some DIY skills & tools.

To mitigate this expense, I’m here with years of experience changing fuel filters and using lawnmowers. I will show you the best way to change the fuel filter in 5 simple steps. You don’t even need any previous DIY skills to change the fuel filter.

Let’s get through the entire process.

Tools & Precautions Before Changing Fuel Filter

The tools and precautions will help you to do the job professionally, and you can avoid any silly mistakes afterwards.

Required Tools

First, you will need some essential DIY tools to change the fuel filter. Since you will deal with fuel and other kinds of stuff, you must have the following things:

  • Safety Hand Gloves
  • Pliers
  • Drain Pan

These three tools are the primary requirements for changing the fuel filters of any tractor. Without these tools, you should not try to change anything since it might damage your skin and lawn mower differently. So, buy them or arrange them anyway.

Pre-arrangement (Precautions)

After having those three tools, you should focus on the John Deere tractor. If you park the lawn mower in an uneven place, you should drive it on a level surface. After that, you must disengage the blades to avoid any sort of mistake.

Once you have done that, you should turn off the engine (You did it already) and remove the key. Your lawn mower will take a few minutes or a while to be ready, and wait until the mower cools down.

5 Steps to Change Your Lawnmowers’ Fuel Filter

I explained all the requirements and tools you must have to follow this process.

1. Turn off Engine & Remove the Hood

As I said, you must turn off the engine before removing the hood, and it’s your first job to cool down the engine to work efficiently.

Then, remove the hood from your John Deere tractor. You may lift over the hood if needed.

2. Place Drain Pan

If you take off the filters, it will drain out some oils. Additionally, your oil filter might have some prior leaks. It’s the main reason to use a drain pan under the filter.

3. Remove Filters

Everything is done accordingly. Now, use the plier to remove the hoses. You need to detach them carefully without damaging the outer part. You first need to remove the hose clamps from the filter, and only then you can separate the filter.

 Once you detach the hoses, your fuel filter will come off the engine part.

Remember, you should raise the oil line to skip the fuel drainage; otherwise, some fuel will be wasted for no reason.

4. Attach the Hose & Replace the New Filter

Once you remove the hoses from your old oil filter, you can attach them to your new one. Then, place the new fuel filter and turn it towards the engine.

After that, you should move the clamps to their prior position, and you need to place them on hoses.

5.Place the Hood & Check for Leaks

If you follow the first 4 steps, you should be able to change your fuel filters. Now, it’s time to replace your hood and check the leaks.

If you make any mistake installing the fuel filter, it may leak some fuel. So, check it and follow the same process if needed.

Tips to Change John Deere Tractors’ Fuel Filter

You may mistake installing the fuel filter for the first time, and it’s very OK for a newbie or even for a professional. So, follow the below tips to avoid those mistakes.

  • Never try to detach the hoses before removing the hose clamps.
  • Don’t try to change the fuel filter in uneven places. Park the lawn mower on a level place.
  • Use safety gloves.

When Should I Change My Fuel Filter?

You should change your fuel filter on John Deere after every 10000 to 15000 miles. In Contrast, you can change the filter after 100k miles for the modern gasoline.

Is Repairing A Fuel Filter Better Than Replacement?

No, repairing your fuel filter will be a bad idea if it is already out of work or has some leaks. You should always change it after every 10000 miles to 15000 miles.

Closing Words

So, you got the entire process, and you know how to change fuel filter on John Deere Tractor. I tried to keep the process simple so that a newbie can change it by following those 5 steps. You can change any lawn mower fuel filter within 5 to 10 minutes.

Still, you might have some queries regarding the changing process, and I’m here to assist you with the entire process. Feel free to leave your queries.

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