How to bypass safety switch on lawn mower | Guidelines with steps

Bypassing the safety switch is not for all. Only people with years of experience in lawn mowing can bypass their safety switches. Mainly, I don’t like to sit on the mower and then start the engine. It doesn’t seem very pleasant. Therefore, I prefer to bypass the safety switch on the lawn mower.

When I searched How to bypass safety switch on lawnmower, I got some excellent tips and followed them accordingly. It worked, and I did it with all of my lawnmowers. The process is pretty much the same.

Today, I will show you the required steps and guidelines for bypassing the safety switch. Keep your patience and follow the steps one by one. You need to just keep reading. At the end, you will have a great guideline and the best process.

Guidelines on Bypassing Safety Switch on Lawn Mower

Before starting the bypassing process, you will need some essential tools. You might already have them, but I’m adding a list in case you forget.

  1. Wire Cutter
  2. Tape
  3. Plier
  4. Screwdriver

Once you have these tools, you are all set to start the process of bypassing the safety switch on your mower. Without any further words, let’s begin the process.

Disconnect the Mower Battery & Place on the Ground

Bypassing is mainly disconnecting the wires from the safety switch. That means you need to work with the electricity. If your engine is one and the battery is connected, you will get an electric shock.

It might be a fatal accident. To avoid such an incident and safely bypass the switch, you should remove the battery. Before that, you must  turn off the engine.

You can place the mower on the ground when you’re done with these activities. It will help you to do the job securely. In that way, you can deal with the mower seat and bypass the safety switch.

Remove the Seat & Open The Switch

Mostly, the safety switch is placed under the mower seat. And the engine only starts when you are on the seat. That’s the irritating reason why users want to bypass the safety switch. However, you need to remove the seat by unscrewing them or detaching them.

After that, you might get the safety switch. Your first job is to open the switch by removing the screws. If the switch is updated, you can remove the opener with your hand. Be sure not to break the switch.

Detach Wires

Some lawn mowers have three wires; others have four wires. You might have two wires safety switches; it’s not an issue. The process will remain the same for all types of wires. The primary purpose of the bypassing is to detach the wires from the switch.

So, when you open the switch and remove the opener, you will have two different colors of wires. First thing first, remove them from the joint. You can use your hand, but it would be best to use the screwdriver and loosen the screws.

Cut the Wires & Tape Them

After removing the wires, you need to cut the front of the cables. You can use the plier or wire cutter to do it. Then comes the central part. You need to tape the cut wires.

Both the wires can be taped together or separately. Once the wires are taped, your job is done. You have already bypassed the safety switch.

Taste the Switch & Close the Opener

If you follow all the previous steps, you need to taste the switch. You will be sure of  whether the engine starts by itself or the switch is still working. You need to connect the battery & start the engine. After checking it properly, you can close the opener and set the mower seat.

How to Bypass Safety Switches on Snapper Riding Mower

Bypassing safety switches on snapper riding mowers is the same as the typical bypassing system. There is nothing new. You will find the safety switch under the snapper riding mower seat. Then, you need to remove the seat and get to the safety switch.

After that, remove the wires and cut them from the front. You can use the electric tape and stick them together. That’s the process of bypassing safety switches on snapper riding mowers.

If you are still confused about bypassing safety switches on snapper riding mowers, you can follow the previous steps. It will not take so much effort; only some steps are enough.

Do I need to Bypass Safety Switches on Mower?

Whether you need to bypass the safety switches on your lawnmower or not is entirely dependent on your skills. If you have years of experience using different lawnmowers, you can bypass the safety switch.

On the contrary, if you don’t have that experience, you should never try to bypass the safety switches. Maybe safety switches will give you the best safety on different occasions.

Benefits of Bypassing Safety Switches

Experienced lawnmower users may find the safety switch irritating. You can bypass the safety switches once you’ve enough experience.

It will give you relief. Starting the engine without sitting on the seat will be easier. It’s a blessing for experienced lawnmower to run their lawnmower at their will.

Closing Words

Safety switches on lawn mowers are helpful in many ways. If the engine faces any issues and you can’t control that, the safety switch will automatically turn off the engine. It might be essential to the new lawnmower users. But an experienced user will find it irritating to sit on the seat.

Therefore, they want to know how to bypass the safety switch on lawnmower. If you’re one of them, you can follow my tips and go through the steps. They will also help you bypass the safety switch on snapper riding mowers.

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