How to Balance Mower Blade with Star Hole?

Balancing a mower blade is easy if you know some simple tactics. If you have a star hole and face a problem balancing the mower blade, you can use a blade balancer and a sharpener. I always follow this process of balancing my lawn mower blade.

If you don’t have these tools, you must manually balance your mower blade with a star hole.It’s the right process on how to balance mower blade with star hole. After finding the heavier part, you need to know how to sharpen the blade.

What Is a Balancing Mower Blade?

Balancing mower blade refers to the perfect placement of the blade with the same weight on both sides. When you start the mower, the blade will cut the grass. You will face problems if you have any imbalance in the mower blade.

It’s very common to have a heavier mower blade. If you buy a new blade, it will give you the perfect balance. After using it for a month, one side will become heavier than the other side.

It’s because of the imbalance of use. You cannot ensure that both sides are working at the same speed. That’s why you need to balance the mower blade.

Step-by-Step Guidelines On Balance Mower Blade with Star Hole

Here, I’ll share the steps of the guideline on balancing your mower blade. You will have two choices to sort out the problem. One is this guideline, and the other one would be changing your blade. I will show you both the ways.

Step 1: Get a Blade Balancer

To balance your existing mower blade, you will need a blade balancer. If you don’t have it, I’d suggest buying a good one. It will save time, effort, and cost since you can get the imbalance blade side and sort it out accordingly.

You will need some other DIY tools to remove the blade. It will be fun to balance your mower blade if you are a DIY worker. You can use your experience and DIY tools to complete the process within a while.

Step 2: Place Your Blade

After preparing your blade balancer, remove the blade from the mower. You should carefully remove or detach the blade without damaging it. Also, you should wear gloves to safely remove the blade and put it on the blade balancer.

Once you put it on the blade balancer, you will have a clear picture of the heavy side. You will find that one side of the blade is heavier than the other side.

Step 3: Sharpen The Heavier Side

When you get the heavier side, your job is to sharpen the heavier side because sharpening will remove the extra loaded part from the blade. You need to use an excellent sharpener to get the perfectly sharpened & balanced blade.

The entire process of balancing your mower blade will depend on your sharpener quality. If you have an old sharpener, you may fail to sharpen the heavier side.

Step 4: Install The Balanced Blade

Once you sharpen the heavier side properly, you must put the blade again on the balancer. If you still find any heavier side, you need to re-sharp that area and try to get the balanced mower blade by the same process. It will not take too long if you notice the balance side and sharp it accordingly.

Once you get the balanced mower blade, you can install it. Open the blade position and insert the blade. Then, tighten the blade with a screwdriver or wrench.

Changing Existing Blade

Another way to balance your mower blade is to change your existing blade. It’s the most effective and best way to get a balanced mower blade within a while. If you use your existing mower blade and don’t want to balance it again, you should change it soon.

Sometimes, the old mower blade doesn’t have any condition to re-sharpen and balance it again. Maybe, it is old enough to replace with a new one. You should buy the best-balanced mower blade if you have such a blade. You will find it in different markets or nearby hardware shops.

When you buy the new mower blade, you should check it. If you buy from an online platform like Amazon, consider reviewing the customer reviews. It will ensure you the blade quality and other people using experience.

Tips for Balancing Mower Blade

You can also follow some tips for balancing your mower blade. They are:

  1. Don’t re-sharpen your mower blade over & over again. It will break down and become a mess. You should check the blade quality and decide if you can sharpen it again.
  2. Put on safety gloves before starting using the sharpener. Don’t be overconfident and hurt yourself.
  3. If you have an old mower blade, you must consider replacing it.

Closing Words

How to balance mower blade with star hole will not be your query if you read my guidelines and follow them. I gave you the two best ways to get the balanced mower blade. One is balancing your old or existing mower blade, and the other is changing it. Follow the most suited solution for you.

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