10 Best Trimmer Rack for Open Trailer 2023| Reviews & Buying Guide

“Best Open Trailer Deserves Best Trimmer Rack”

When I move my landscaping tools with my open trailer, I face some difficulties and damage to my land mower. It’s not like you put all the landscaping tools at your open trailer and hope to transport it to the next land perfectly.

Therefore, I use a trimmer rack that helps me to carry my land mowing tools and secure them from a.But it was not easy to pick up the best trimmer rack for an open trailer.

I needed to spend hours after hours and then find the perfect match. To select the right one, you need to consider rack quality, build material, holding capacity, and more.

Top 10 Best Trimmer Racks in 2022

1Enclosed LandscapeTrailers RackBest Trimmer Rack for Open Trailer
2Ecotric 3-Place Trimmer RackBest Trimmer Rack for Open Trailer
3Jungle Jims Mower Trimmer RackBest Trimmer Rack for Open Trailer
4Green Touch Xtreme Pro 3 Trimmer RackBest Trimmer Rack for Open Trailer
5Zero Turn Mower Trimmer RackBest Trimmer Rack for Open Trailer
6Tiewards 2 Landscape Trailer RackBest Trimmer Rack for Open Trailer
7Buyers Products 3-Position Trimmer RackBest Trimmer Rack for Open Trailer
8Hodenn 3 Place Trimmer RackBest Trimmer Rack for Open Trailer
9Lonwin String Trimmer RackBest Trimmer Rack for Open Trailer
10ELITEWILL 2-Place Trimmer RackBest Trimmer Rack for Open Trailer

1. Enclosed LandscapeTrailers Rack

Best Trimmer Rack for Open Trailer

Since 1946 Buyers Products has dominated the landscaping industry with their quality and customer service. They made their product with high-end engineers and with proper care.

Once gardeners start using their products, they don’t go for any other brand without exceptional reasons.First, this rack can hold up to 3 trimmers at a time with its locative mounting system.

It might seem ordinary, but the best part is the hanging system. The design of this rack will hold the trimmers away from the wall so that your trimmers will be safe on transportation, and they won’t be damaged by bunging or rubbing.

Apart from that, this product is durable, and the build material also provides you with the best quality. Therefore, you can expect to use this trimmer rack for years without any issues. Consequently, their locking system also deters from theft.

That’s all the reasons why people love this product.If you look at the price, you get a competitive price. It’s not too high, not that low; hopefully, it will fit your budget. If you want the best quality rack within your limited budget, I request you to increase it a bit and buy this one.

It will surely be your best purchase.

what we like
  • 3 trimmers can be mounted at a time.
  • Strong & durable build quality.
  • Perfect for transporting and carrying mowers and engines.
  • Deter theft with a quality locking system.
  • Best value provided product.
What we don’t like
  • The poor clamping system might be an issue

2. Ecotric 3-Place Trimmer Rack

Best Trimmer Rack for Open Trailer

Most of the trimmer racks come with a 3-place racking system that can mount to 3 trimmers at a time. But it’s challenging to find the best budget-friendly and high-quality trimmer rack that can meet your needs perfectly.

No worries, I found the Ecotric 3-Place Trimmer Track that is the best budget-friendly, in fact, low priced product yet gives you everything.You will get a 3-place secure mounting system that ensures the best safety while travelling or moving your trimmer or mowers.

Its Easy to use, install, and put 3 trimmers with a secure locking system is the best part of this rack. If you don’t find a perfect trimmer rack yet, you must consider buying it.

You will get the highest quality constructed material and the rust-resistant black powder-coated material. And the build-quality ensures the years of service. Additionally, the trimmer rack hooks come foam coated, which will firmly hold your trimmer and protect it from rotation.

It also gives you the 3-keyed secure locking system. Although the mounting hardware isn’t included, you should never expect that within a low priced trimmer rack. If you consider the price, you won’t find it a disadvantage.

What we like
  • Durable & strong build quality.
  • Rust-resistant black powder-coated steel.
  • Foam coated rack hooks.
  • Secure fittings and easy to move.
  • Beginners friendly installation.
What we don’t like
  • No mounting hardware is included.

3. Jungle Jims Mower Trimmer Rack

Best Trimmer Rack for Open Trailer

Easy to install has become a real challenge of using a trimmer rack. But the Jungle Jims Mower Trimmer Rack has come up with the best solution. You can now install this rack within a while and secure the mower for a long time.

Although it’s a plastic made rack, it will give you great support.When you mow, you can carry your trimmer, and it will eventually secure the entire mower. The best part of this trimmer rack is mounting & locking.

You can mount the trimmer to your mower without facing any issues. It’s very easy to install and will give you the best locking system. That means it will securely repel the theft.It has illustrated pictures that will help you further connect all the parts and install them to your mower.

That’s another reason why it is becoming a popular trimmer rack among the others. If you are a beginner and don’t know how to use the trimmer rack, the manual will be enough.A 2-year weld warranty is another notable feature of this product.

It gives a reliable purchase since you can replace and ask the seller to change your existing rack if it gets damaged.

What we like
  • Very easy to install; no need to have previous experiences.
  • Perfect for adjusting to the mower and carrying it.
  • Quality products.
  • Best security against theft.
  • Two years warranty for wend.
What we don’t like
  • The price is a little higher than usual.
  • You can’t mount your engine.

4. Green Touch Xtreme Pro 3 Trimmer Rack

Best Trimmer Rack for Open Trailer

Have you ever used a green touch trimmer rack? If so, you already know about this product’s quality and user experience. If not yet, I’d suggest you use one. It has the qualities to become one of the best trimmer racks for open trailers. Why?

Keep on reading.This product comes with a spring-loaded actuator. Moreover, the locking handle is vinyl coated. That means it will give you the best security against theft, and you can relax for a while. These two features are best from every angle.

They made it such a way that no landscaper could skip them.Additionally, thumb latches are there. They will ensure the best removal for faster use. It’s a blessing for everyday users. If you are worried about the quality and don’t know which one you should buy, go for this rack.

It won’t disappoint you in any way.You can use the 3 positions of this product and firmly and securely place your mower and mower engine. It will protect them in every way possible and become the best weed eater.

Some users find some issues buying the old series of tough green Xtreme. But you will not find anything like them since it’s a better and updated version.

What we like
  • 3 position trimmer racks for best security.
  • Faster removal thumb latches.
  • High-quality locking handle.
  • Easy to mount on a mower engine.
  • Extremely easy to use.
  • Best value for money.
What we don’t like
  • Price is high because of the quality.
  • Beginners will face some installation issues.

5. Zero Turn Mower Trimmer Rack

Best Trimmer Rack for Open Trailer

If you have a Zero Turn mower and are looking for a perfect match, This ZTR-TR Trimmer Rack will be your best available option. It has a compact design that will better suit the Zero Turn Mower.

It can be used for other land mowers. Let’s see how you can do that.Adjustable fitting is the best part of this trimmer. You can adjust the fittings according to your mower size and get the instant customized fit.

Additionally, you will also get the quick clamps that will give you the best security of the trimmer.Apart from these, the gun locking system will also amaze you. This locking capability will allow you to mount to the mower firmly. And, it will be safe from theft as well.

Therefore, it’s worth investing in such a product for these premium features.Unfortunately, it has some issues. If you don’t have the Zero Turn Mower, but you love these features, you can buy it.

But you need to buy some extra accessories if the mower size and the other parts don’t go with the trimmer. It has adjustable and customizable features, so you can buy some additional accessories and make it the best choice.

What we like
  • Adjustable setting for getting a customizable fit.
  • Gun locking system for security.
  • Premium quality build.
  • Perfect for Zero Turn Mower.
  • Best value provider for certain lawnmowers.
What we don’t like
  • Need to buy extra accessories to avail the best fittings.
  • Not a regular trimmer rack.

6. Tiewards 2 Landscape Trailer Rack

Best Trimmer Rack for Open Trailer

Budget is sometimes the biggest concern for us who want a limited budget, but we want to get the best trimmer rack within our limit. If you’re one of them, you are welcome to read this product. It will fit both your mower and landscape trailer and your budget.

You can place all your open landscape trailers and be sure to get the best security for them. That’s the most notable feature you will get from this product.

Especially if you have straight shaft tools and look for the perfect matched rack, Landscape Trailer Rack should be your first choice.What else does it offer with a $70 price range? You’re going to get the top-quality build material from this product.

It provides you with both sturdy steel and a black powder coat. That’s the ultimate quality it comes with. And you can rely on it for years.Moreover, this rack comes with a padded system which will ultimately protect your mower from landscape trailer and straight shaft. All the features you will get from this rack and become the best one.

But remember, you will have to consider some features since it’s a budget-friendly rack.

What we like
  • Sturdy and secure locking system.
  • Best suited for the straight shaft and open trailer.
  • Durable build-quality.
  • Budget-friendly racks with notable features.
What we don’t like
  • Doesn’t come with mounting hardware.

7. Buyers Products 3-Position Trimmer Rack

Best Trimmer Rack for Open Trailer

Here comes the Number One choice of Amazon for the trimmer rack. It has good popularity among users for the 3 positions and best secure rack. And the price also justifies the quality features. Moreover, being easy to install is another excellent feature for the newbie.

Let’s dive into the product.Since 1946 the Buyers Product has become a famous brand for its innovative and quality truck and landscaping instruments. They come up with another quality product: this trimmer rack. It ensures a durable build quality that will last for years.

Of course, the best feature is the three-position racker. That means it will hold three trimmers ,at a time, securely. It will help you to organize your trimmers using a single rack. Properly doing so will give you the best security and easy to use option as well.

Apart from that, you will also get mounting hardware. That means you can relax a bit and put everything in this rack. It will securely hold them up for a long time. Thus it will also deter theft. That’s how the price justifies the quality and other features.

What we like
  • A great brand value provider rack.
  • Best security from 3 position racking systems.
  • Corrosion-resistant and steel made build-quality.
  • All required hardware is included.
  • Lockable trimmer rack.
What we don’t like
  • Weld quality is not good enough.
  • Plastic made lockable system

8. Hodenn 3 Place Trimmer Rack

Best Trimmer Rack for Open Trailer

Here comes another budget-friendly and quality trimmer rack for regular users. Easy to install, quality products and mounting hardware make this product one of the most competitive racks for users.

When you compare with others, you will come with some excellent and distinct features.First off, this one is a perfect match for storing and transporting your open trailer since it ensures the best 3 place locking system.

It gives the utmost security while moving the landscaping tools and mower engines from one garden to another. That’s why it achieves so much popularity among its rivals.Also, the build quality is top-class. Manufacturers use the strongest steel and the black-coated powder to resist rust and make it durable.

You can rely on the build quality and invest in this trimmer rack.One thing that landscapers mostly worry about is the additional hardware tools. And this product comes with one pack of locks and hardware tools to give you the best and most secure holding of the mower.

You can use the lock within a while.

What we like
  • Easy to install without any previous experience.
  • Most durable and rust-resistant build.
  • Easy to fit most of the straight shaft mowers.
  • Reliable and the best security lock system.
  • Best value for money.
What we don’t like
  • Trimmer Holders need to be bunged to get secure fittings.

9. Lonwin String Trimmer Rack

Best Trimmer Rack for Open Trailer

Another budget-friendly trimmer track is there. But you cannot get the trimmer with the rack; just kidding! Mainly, Lonwin String comes up with a budget-friendly trimmer rack that will fit your budget and your land mower.

It will give you a three-place mounting system that will safely hold the trimmer.The best part of this trimmer rack is the installation and locking system. You can quickly install this trimmer rack and lock it to the mount without hassle.

You need just to fold the hasp over and lock it instantly. Since it contains foam coated hooks, your trimmer will not get damaged while transporting them.If you get through the material, you will find a steel made body frame with black powder-coated to protect the surface from rust.

It will give years of protection against regular uses. So you don’t need to worry about its durability and strength.However, this rack doesn’t come with any hardware tools. That’s the biggest drawback of buying this product.

You may also find issues with the foam coated hook; it might be too large for the trimmer to hold correctly.

What we likw
  • Budget-friendly trimmer rack.
  • 3 place mounting system.
  • Reliable locking with foam coated hooks.
  • Easy to install.
What we don’t like
  • No mounting hardware.
  • Hooks’ foam might be too large.

10. ELITEWILL 2-Place Trimmer Rack

Best Trimmer Rack for Open Trailer

After ages, I found one of the best 2-Place Trimmer Racks for you. If you’re waiting and looking for a 2-place product, here is your perfect match. Mainly, some landscapers love to use 2-place locking racks for easy installation and use purposes.

First thing first, the build materials are high in quality, and a sturdy build will surely make things work for you. You can safely use them to carry your trimmers and other straight shaft landscaping tools. Unless you increase the budget and go for the premium category trimmer rack, nothing will beat this one.

The 2-place locking system will give you the best protection against theft, and the foam coated hooks will also ensure secure transport. These are the most notable features of this product, for which landscapers have loved to use this product for a long time.Maybe you don’t need to buy the 3-place locking system trimmer rack. In that case, a 2-place locking system should be your first consideration. You can buy it for secure moving and transport of trimmers and mowers.

What we like
  • Budget-friendly 2-place locking rack.
  • Best suited for straight shaft trimmers and tools.
  • Durable build.
  • Easy to install & use.
What we don’t like
  • The rack’s bend will create friction.
  • Some products have misaligned holes

How to Buy the Best Trimmer Rack for Open Trailers

If you search for the best trimmer rack for open trailers, you will find different brands with different racks. Do you know how I choose the best ten amongst them? Though It’s a secret, I love to share knowledge with my fellows. So, let’s see how I choose them.

1-2-3 Locking Places

First, I focus on the locking system. This feature will ensure you how secure the trimmer rack will be. Most of the trimmer packs come with a 3-place locking system so that you can carry and move the mowers and trimmers at a time.

But, I also include both the 2-place and single place locking racks. So that you can find your best-suited one, if you don’t need the 3-place locking system, you can go for the one or 2-place trimmer racks.

Build Quality

If you buy the low-quality trimmer rack, it will suffer a lot. Since a mower and the engine of the trimmers are heavy, you should buy the sturdy-build trimmer rack. It will hold the tools properly and can bear the weight as well.

Most of my selected racks are built with steel and black powder-coated. They will ensure the best build that will last for years.

Anti Theft Feature

The best locking system should deter theft. You cannot just hang your mower or mount the rack to the trimmer and hope to deter the theft. You need to have a robust locking system.

Therefore, the selected trimmer racks come with the best locking and key systems so that you can deter theft without any issues.

Price/ Budget

The Trimmer rack has different price ranges depending on the brand and quality. An average and budget-friendly product will cost you around $70, whereas the premium category product might come with a $200-$300 price range. It entirely depends on your budget.

There is another budget segmentation for the trimmer rack, and it is around $100.If you want to get more options, your budget should be around $100+. In that case, you will get many options to choose from.

That’s the average price range, and this is one of the best competitive prices for the trimmer rack. And the quality, of course, varies because of the price. The more you invest, the more you get.

Final Thoughts

Finding out the best trimmer rack for open trailers is challenging. You will have different choices that create confusion. Therefore, I created the top ten list of the best trimmer racks for you. Among them, the Enclosed Trimmer Rack is my favorite. It provides all the qualities at a reasonable price. I suggest you go through this product first before placing your final order.

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