Top 10 Best Suspension Seats For Zero Turn Mower in 2023

The best suspension seat for zero turn mower has many benefits. Comfortable riding, driving on uneven terrain, and saving your back are some noteworthy positive sides of using a suspension seat. You’ll count more on driving your zero-turn mower.

Therefore, I’m here with the top 10 suspension seats for your zero-turn mower. Here, I’ll discuss them thoroughly and their pros, cons, and recommended users. Everything will be from a neutral perspective to inform you of the best and worst sides.

So, let’s review and give you a complete buying guide for all the top suspension seats and see if they match your needs. At the ending we recomanded two suspension seat. one is budget friendly and secound is the best-premium suspension seat.

10 Best Suspension Seats for Zero Turn Mower

Among hundreds of different suspension seats, I’ve selected the best ten to help you choose the perfect one. Some of them come with a limited budget as they offer you only the suspension seat or the kit, whereas the others come with both seat & suspension kit. I’ve included everything to help you get the best for your needs.

So let’s review the selected suspension seats and get yours! Remember to go through the recommendation part to know if it fits you.

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1.Black Talon Highback Suspension Seat for Zero Turn Mower

Best Suspension Seat for Zero Turn

Since 1981, Northern Tool and Equipment has become a leading manufacturer in the USA. They produce high-quality products for different clients. One is the Black Talon Highback suspension seat for Zero turn mower and others.

This seat has some noteworthy features you must consider before comparing it with others. First off, the build quality and seat adjustability come in. The manufacturer used black Vinyl to cover the entire seat. Therefore, the seat is 100% waterproof and durable to sit comfortably for a long time.

Then, the adjustable seat for up to 286 lbs indicates a robust and lasting build. Besides, the entire seat is UV protected; so the sun rays & direct sunlight won’t damage the seat cover much.

Besides that, 4-inch low-integrated suspension along with 1 ¾ inch travel is an excellent combo to ensure comfortable riding.

Apart from all these things, this seat has fore & arm slides to ensure the best comfortable armrest. And this seat is compatible with Bad Mower, Zero Turn, and most other lawnmowers. Therefore, you can use it on various mowers with different tractors.

  • Adjustable height up to 286 lbs weight capacity.
  • Vinyl-made high-quality suspension seat.
  • Durably frame & seat cover that last for years.
  • Easy to install with 11 fasteners.
  • Perfect Suspension with a spring to adjust according to your height & weight.
  • Moveable armrests for comfortable riding.
  • Wear it out quickly if you use it carelessly.
  • No installation instruction is there (Could be an issue for beginners)

Recommendation: The Black Talon Highback seat is best suited for experienced lawnmower users who need the best support to drive it for a long time.

2.TRAC SEATS Yellow Suspension SEAT for John Deere Zero Turn

Best Suspension Seat for Zero Turn

Quality, comfort, and service are the three best parts of every TRAC SEATS product. The same happens with the Yellow Suspension Seat for the John Deere Zero Turn tractor. This is a high-quality suspension seat to give you the best comfort in riding. Besides, the premium seat cover, cushion, and vinyl-made body frame would be some noteworthy features of Trac Seat.

This suspension seat comes with a 5-position angle tilt that can be adjusted both backward & forward. Therefore, you can move it everywhere and drive comfortably.

Other than that, the Trac Seat comes with padded vinyl that can be adjusted with your weights from 110 to 265 lbs. So, you can adjust the weight according to yours and set it perfectly.

Along with those features, you must consider the suspension quality of the seat. According to the users, this seat has one of the best suspensions to protect your body from any shock to give you a comfortable ride on uneven terrain.

Although it’s an excellent tractor seat, it will only be compatible with some lawnmowers.

  • Quality seat cushion & cover for comfortable riding.
  • Adjustable suspension height from 110 lbs to 265 lbs.
  • Perfectly matched with all the John Deere Zero Turn Mowers.
  • Both Forward & Backward movement with a 5-position angle kit.
  • 5 years limited manufacturer warranty.
  • Durable & long-lasting build with vinyl materials.
  • Not Compatible with lawnmower sitting position (Only for John Deere Zero Mower selected model)
  • Suspension quality could be better (Compared to premium suspension seats).

Recommendation: If you have a john deere zero turn mower or tractor, you should go for this suspension seat. It has some quality features to be considered.

3.Rotary 12530 Seat Suspension Seat for Zero Turn

Best Suspension Seat for Zero Turn

You might look for a suspension kit if you already have a quality seat. Here’s the perfect suspension for both tractor & lawn mower. You can install it under your existing driving seat to ensure the suspension and comfortable riding on uneven and harsh lawns.

The first thing people consider before buying a suspension unit is the installation process. The Rotary 12530 Seat Base has a perfect drilling and installation process here. It has everything to be placed on your Zero Turn mower and installed using manufacturer nuts & bolts. Say no to factory drilling or any further hassle. 

Additionally, the Rotary seat suspension unit comes with a steel-made durable build that will last for years and won’t be damaged soon. You should only think of the perfect installation, tighten all the nuts, and place it perfectly to get the best back support and comfortable riding.

Since It’s only the bottom part, you can’t use it for the mower. Only the Zero Turn and some selected mowers are allowed to attach to this suspension unit. So, ask the sellers about the lawnmower model and be sure to install it accordingly.

  • Durable built-quality
  • Easy to install with manufacturer guidelines.
  • Ensures the best suspension on uneven terrain.
  • It can be installed with a Zero Turn Mower seat and other selected tractors’ seats.
  • High-quality spring for smooth bumping.
  • It’s not a universal suspension unit for all lawnmowers & tractors.
  • You must have a comfortable mower seat to get the optimum support; otherwise, this unit will fail to support your back

Recommendation: Your Zero Turn Mower might have a comfortable seat without a suspension kit. And this Rotary unit will be the best fit for you.

4. TRAC SEATS Seat Suspension Kit For Zero Turn Lawn

Best Suspension Seat for Zero Turn

What if you’ve the TRAC SEATS Seat installed in your Zero Mower & you only need a suspension kit? In that case, the TRAC SEATS Suspension Kit for Zero Turn Mower will be a perfect match. It comes with a suspension unit ensuring all the perfect compatibility and premium-quality suspension to give you a smooth ride on uneven and rough terrain.

First thing first, the suspension bolts that connect the mower seat & suspension kit come with premium quality. Therefore, a perfect installation will let you enjoy the suspension accordingly.

Then, the build quality comes into consideration. Since this kit belongs to TRAC SEATS, it’s one of the best build qualities of most others kits. Being a steel-constructed kit, this suspension can hold up to 275 lbs. And all its mounting holes are universal; therefore, you can grab & install it with the nuts & bolts.

Users are satisfied with the product quality, comfortability, and comfort. These are the standard and most desired things one can expect from a particular seat suspension kit.

  • High-quality suspension bolts to connect both the kit & the mower seat.
  • Steel-made durable suspension kit.
  • Adjustable height up to 275 lbs.
  • Absorb most shock & vibration while driving on a rough lawn.
  • Easy to assemble & install.
  • Universal drills & mounting holes.
  • Some models, except Zero turn, may need additional drillings.

Recommendation: If you already have a Trac Seats comfortable seat, you may go for this suspension. Or the Zero Turn mower seat can be used to install this suspension kit.

5. VEVOR Suspension Seat for Zero Turn

Best Suspension Seat for Zero Turn

Your premium quality suspension seat is here with the best quality suspension kit, high-quality & comfortable seat cushions, and the best fittings. These are the noteworthy feathers of this mower seat.

The VEVOR is here for 4 reasons.

First comes the adjustment & security. This seat can be adjusted up to 0-90°, and the outer area is covered with superior PVC. And the seat has a comfortable polyurethane foam inside to give you the best sitting comfort.

The Superb material is the second most crucial factor for VEVOR. Steel, PVC, Polyurethane, and seat cover are used to build this suspension seat; these things are also ensuring the best comfort in every way possible.

Then the comfortable cushion stands out. Here, the manufacturer uses cozy & resilient foam to ensure the utmost comfort. And users also find it the best fit for driving on any terrain.

Finally, the ergonomic backrest & versatile uses come in. The armrests and brackets are in the perfect position to keep your hands and drive smoothly. Apart from that, this seat can be used for both tractors & lawnmowers.

  • All quality & premium materials are used to build this suspension seat.
  • Cozy & resilient foam for comfortable sitting.
  • Perfect adjustability up to 286 lbs.
  • 3-level security switch
  • PVC leather for comfortable sitting
  • Absorb vibration & bump better than others
  • Has some shipping issues. You should ask your seller for better packaging and safe delivery.
  • Not Universal mounting holes.

Recommendation: The VEVOR suspension seat is perfect for premium & comfortable users. If mounting & shipping is not a concern, go for it.

6. Seat Suspension for Zero Turn Mower

Best Suspension Seat for Zero Turn

Another seat suspension kit is here with premium features. This kit is famous for universal mounting holes, high-quality bolts, standard front & rear mounting, and easy-to-adjust weight & ride.

Being a premium kit, all its materials ensure the best quality and will last for years. Besides, the universal mounting holes allow you to install this seat suspension on every lawnmower, including John Deere Zero Turn, Tractors, and other gardening vehicles. That’s why the rear mounting comes with 11.5″ front-to-rear requirements, whereas the side-to-side measurements start at 9.5″.

Additionally, this suspension is supposed to be in the middle of the seat and slide tracks at the bottom. If you can install it perfectly, you’ll get the best comfortable riding on both even & rough lawn areas.

  • Universal mounting holes to go with pretty much all the mowers.
  • Standard rear, front, and side measurements.
  • Premium suspension bolts & springs ensure the best comfort and save your back from bumping.
  • Adjustable weight & height.
  • Easy to assemble & install with existing mower seats.
  • Not compatible with Specific model John Deere mowers except Zero Turn.
  • The price is slightly higher.

Recommendation: This suspension kit would be a perfect match for multi-mower owners. You can install it with a Zero Turn seat and other mower seats without drilling further mounting holes.

7. Bestauto Universal Forklift Seat

Best Suspension Seat for Zero Turn

You may have got a suspension kit, but you’re looking for a comfortable seat with an armrest. Here you go with Bestauto Universal Forklift seat that comes from Vevor. It’s one of the best budget-friendly mower seats on the market.

You get the adjustable design, folding, moving seats, and much more customization within the budget. Moreover, this seat goes with any lawn mower and tractor since it contains universal mounting holes & nuts.

This seat is 100% waterproof, heat-resistant, wear-proof, and more. All these qualities come from premium materials, including PVC and polyurethane foam. Besides, the steel frame will surely last for a very long time.

However, these features will surely make you comfortable riding without back or sitting issues. You can adjust the design and height and fold the back up to a 180° angle to get the most desirable riding experience.

  • Comfortable polyurethane foam for best sitting.
  • Wear-proof & heat-resistance seat cover.
  • Steel-made durable build-quality that’ll last for years.
  • Reliable & comfortable armrests.
  • Adjustable design with 180° foldable back.
  • Premium materials & design for getting quality support for your back.
  • 30 days free return & 24/7 customer service.
  • You need a suspension kit to install and make it a perfect suspension seat for your mower.

Recommendation: Anyone looking for a comfortable and best-suited mower seat will find this a perfect match. It has everything to become your daily user.

8. TICSEA Highback Low Suspension Tractor Seat for Zero Turn

Best Suspension Seat for Zero Turn

As an all-in-one suspension seat, the TICSEA Highback low suspension Zero Turn seat will give you the utmost comfort & premium design. Apart from that, the quality materials & 150 kg adjustable suspension weight will surely amaze you driving your Zero Turn mower.

Apart from that, the faux leather seat cover will last very long. And the inside foam is built with steel plate & premium polyurethane foam. So, the combination of faux leather & premium foam makes it a comfortable mower seat.

When you sit on it, you will have multiple adjustability. You can fold this seat and armrests and set the suspension stroke to your required position. The seat belt is also safe since it’s retractable & comes with a sensor.

You can do that if you want to install this seat on different mowers at different times. Because of the universal adjustability & design, the TICSEA HIGHBACK is one of the best suspension seats.

  • Comfortable foam & leather cover ensures an easy drive for a long time.
  • 150 kg adjustable suspension stroke.
  • Universal mounting holes to install it on any mower & tractor with 4 bolts & nuts.
  • Multi-directional adjustability to get a comfortable ride.
  • Best armrests & back support.
  • Though it’s a universal suspension seat, come mowers are not compatible.
  • The price is higher than other regular suspension seats.

Recommendation: It’s one of the best suspension seats for Zero Turn. It could be your best choice if you’re looking for a premium one.

9. Mophorn Universal Forklift Seat for Zero Turn Mower

Best Suspension Seat for Zero Turn

Here comes the best budget-friendly seat kit. Having a premium quality leather cover, PVC cushion, and steel frame, the Mophorn Universal Forklift Seat for Zero Turn Mower is the best seat for zero turn mower.

After installing this Universal forklift seat, the premium design and comfortable sitting will surely attract you. Once you sit and put pressure on your back, you’ll get the magic. This seat has an ergonomic backrest to support your backbone better so you can release the stress on it.

Apart from that, the users also find its framework durable & comfortable. Since it’s made with premium steel, the body frame won’t get damaged or broken for years.

Another consideration should be the security & thoughtful design. Using the seat belt the right way will save you from getting hurt by sudden braking, especially when you drive on rough terrain.

For all these reasons, the Mophorn Universal Seat is the best suspension seat for zero turn mower.

  • Ergonomic design for a comfortable ride.
  • Quality leather & Soft cushion.
  • Adjustable armrests & backrest.
  • Steel frame to bear up to 286 lbs weight.
  • Secure seat belts to avoid sudden brake injuries.
  • Easy to assemble & install to any mower.
  • Best value for money products.
  • Need an additional suspension kit to better absorb the shock & bump.

Recommendation: If you’ve a limited budget and are looking for a perfect suspension seat for zero turns, go for the Mophorn Universal seat.

10. Ford Black Universal Tractor Seat for Zero Turn

Best Suspension Seat for Zero Turn

If you think adjustability & reliable settings with premium materials come with a premium budget, you’re in the wrong place. All these features are found in the Ford Black Universal Suspension seat for Zero turn.

You get a perfectly matched Universal seat on any suspension kit. It can be installed on various tractors, mowers, and any model Zero Turn mower.

However, seat quality comes first; you must be on it and drive for hours. In that case, you’re getting a help high-quality padded vinyl seat. And the entire back and armrest are adjustable since it comes with an angle kit for better movement.

When you are on this seat, you’ll get multiple settings to position this sit according to your needs and driving position. Even the slide track is also here to allow you more adjustable features.

See, all the adjustable features are there to make this an excellent budget-friendly mower seat in every way possible. You can compare this seat with any other premium seat, and it’ll outperform them all.

  • Vinyl-made high-quality mower seat.
  • Manufacturers use steel frames for durable & reliable build.
  • Adjustable fittings & folding capacity in every way possible.
  • Additional adjustable angle kit & slide tracks are there.
  • 1-year limited warranty.
  • Need a suspension kit to get the best back support & absorb shock

Recommendation: If you have a suspension kit and you need a budget-friendly & comfortable seat, the Ford Black Universal seat would be your best fit.

How to Choose The Best Suspension Seat for Zero Turn Mower? [Buying Guide]

Finding the best suspension seat is difficult since you must consider some factors. Adjustability, materials, universal mounting holes, backrest & armrests, Suspension Kit, and comfort are some noteworthy features & factors that you must consider while buying the mower seat for your zero turns.

If you want to know how to mow a ditch, you must read this article. It’ll help you drive better with the newly installed suspension seat.

Quality Materials

Materials are the first thing you must consider before buying a lawnmower suspension seat. The body frame, seat cushion, seat cover, and resistance must be considered here. You’ll see that most of the seats come with steel frames & PVC or Vinyl foam to ensure comfort.

The seat cover also comes with UV protection and heat-resistance features.

Mounting Holes & Fasteners

The second most important thing would be mounting holes. You can’t buy any seats and expect to install them as you want. Sometimes, the mower seat needs some additional drilling & fasteners. Therefore, getting a universal mower seat would be much appreciated. However, the above seats come with universal mounting holes.

Backrests & Armrests

Third comes the backrests & armrests feature. Here, you must think of having comfortable armrests & backrests to support your back and arms. They will be in need for a long time driving. Be sure to get adjustable armrests & backrests to relieve your pressure.

Suspension Kit

You need a suspension kit to drive the mower on rough terrain or uneven lawn. It will give you additional support in bumping & absorbing shock. That’s why some premium suspension seats come with an installed suspension kit; therefore, you don’t need to add anything else.


Adjustability plays a crucial role in using a mower seat. Let’s say the backrest & armrests; these two need to be adjustable since you need to place them according to your height & weight.

The adjustable back will bear your pressure, whereas the armrest helps you keep your arm and drive comfortably.


The last & most important factor is comfort. If your chosen mower seat has the above quality and features, it will ensure the best comfortable driving experience. Make sure you set up the settings and adjust the armrests & backrests accordingly. They play a crucial role in ensuring comfort.


You’ll find different budget-friendly & premium-quality suspension seats from the above list. The premium seat includes a $300-$400 budget, including the suspension kit. At the same time, the budget-friendly seat comes with $120-$150 without a suspension kit. To get a perfect suspension kit, you need to spend around $150-$250 additionally.

People Also Asked

1.   What’s the Best Suspension Seat for Zero Turn Mower?

Black Talon & TRAC SEATS are the best suspension seats for your turn mower. But the concept of best depends on your requirements. You’ll get only a suspension kit, seat, or combo from the top 10 best suspension seats & kits.

2. How long does a Suspension Seat last?

A perfect suspension seat can last for 5 to 10 years or even more, depending on your uses. Quality seat covers, cushions, and steel frames will play a crucial role in increasing or decreasing the lasting time of your suspension seat.

3. Is Suspension Kit Worth It?

Yes, the suspension kit is worth it for three reasons. It saves the cost of buying a kit with a seat cushion, ensures perfect compatibility with any brand mower seat, and the suspension kit comes with universal mounting holes to be appropriately installed and save your back. It ensures the best driving comfort in every way.

4. Can I Use the Same Suspension Seat for Other Mowers?

You can only use the same suspension seats for other mowers if it comes with universal mounting holes. Apart from that, you need to buy the universal version of the suspension seat & kit to install it on other mowers.

Final Words

So, you’ve got the details of the best suspension seat for zero-turn mower. I’ve talked about the pros & cons and recommended users. It surely helps you find your perfect match among the thousands of options.

Still, the Mophorn Universal Forklift Seat is the best budget-friendly suspension seat. On the other hand, the Black Talon Highback is the best-premium suspension seat from every side. Go & check out the details; remember to check others since they also come with some worthy features and a reasonable budget.

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